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At this address we offer on 700m² not only a nice range of fashion fabrics but you can recently experience our outlet department in qualitative window decoration fabrics. Top brands and top qualities such as 100% Linen, Linen-Cotton, Cotton-Viscose, ... starting from 2€/m.

Children's clothing

To spoil our little ones, you can find many cute cottons with prints and matching ribbons at Nostex. You can also choose from Nicky-velour, 'jogging'fabric or fleece. For bathrobes and baby accessories we have towel fabric and embossed cotton in all kinds of colors.

Women's clothing

You can extend your own wardrobe with dresses, blouses and skirts in cotton, jeans, linen, wool, polyester and stretchable fabrics. For T-shirts and Jersey dresses you use Jersey fabrics made of cotton, viscose or polyester. Silk, 'crêpe' satin, fine polyester and sequin fabric provide you the ability to create beautiful clothing like evening dresses.

Casual wear

For casual wear we have specific textiles like jogging fabric, warm fleece and soft Nicky-velour. Lycra lends itself perfectly for dancing-, skate- or gymnastic suits.

Outfits used for theatre and carnival

Looking for fabrics for theatre, dress up parties, carnival or parties? Nostex has among others tulle for fairytale dresses, fur for animal suits, cheap satin for 'princes dresses', oriental costumes, clowns, capes,.... Even for the realistation of historical costumes you can come to our shops!

Fire proof fabrics

These fabrics or fire retardant fabrics are fabrics that don't produce flames at ignition. This helps slowing down a possible fire. We can provide certificates for institutions such as public buildings, schools and restaurants, hotels,....

Lined curtains

All Nostex affiliates have a wide range of curtain fabrics in all kinds of different prints, colors and qualities. In addition to the stock there are numerous samples available. Feel free to speak to our staff, they will gladly help you making your choice of fabric and also with the right finishing: wrinkled, single pleat, double fold or the newest trend 'evenly corrugated'.

Roman blinds

How about roman blinds? Realizable in voile, solid or blackout fabric.

Roller blinds

There are two new trends in fabric blinds. First of all there is the duo-roller blind. This blind has transparent and non-transparent strips which makes it possible to maintain the perfect light balance by handling the curtain. Secondly, there is the combi curtain, this makes it possible to combine two curtains in one system. This way a voile for day time can be combined with a blackout curtain for night time.

Shutters and blinds

Vertical shutters and horizontal blinds make it possible that the light can be arranged optimally. Depending on taste and function, shutters can be obtained in textile, PVC and metal. They can be sunblocking or blackout. Shutters are made in wood for atmospheric reasons.

Panel curtains

Panel curtains slide over rails with multiple tracks. This way they can be placed in several ways .

Hanging systems

Hanging systems include among others metal rods, rails in plastic and metal, rails with multiple tracks and systems for roman blinds. Metal rails are custom made and can be bent in the right curvature for you.

Pillows and plaids

Pillows can be made from a variety of materials such as silk, cotton, linen and imitation fur. The chosen material mostly depends on your choice. For seats one can preferably choose more solid or treated fabrics. This way one can avoid cracks, wrinkling or discoloration.

Outdoor fabrics

Most fabrics are not suitable for outdoor use. Our collection of outdoor fabrics have dirt repellent and water repellent characteristics. These fabrics also retain their color, which makes them all together ideal for outdoor usage. For example for garden cushions and beach seats.

Bed sheet fabric

There are a whole range of bed sheet fabrics available in our Nostex shops. We also have cotton, satin-finished or flannel bed sheets for non-standard bed dimensions.

Table linen

The presentation of a set table starts with a nice table cloth. There are suitable fabrics in different colors and patterns in our shops to brighten up your party table and garden table. All these fabrics can also be custom finished. Atmospheric restaurants like for example The Lake confide in our expertise.


Every store has the sewing patterns of Burda, Vogue and Butterick available. Each month you can purchase the Burda magazines.

Sewing yarn

Our sewing yarn is of the very best 'Gütermann' quality. Overlock-yarns and stretchy flockthread are also available.

Sewing kits

In our 'Prym' collection you can find specific sewing kits like needles, snap buttons, tape measure, cutting knives, elastic band,...


The right interlining of Vlieseline offers you the guarantee for a succesfull finishing.


To personalize your clothes we offer you a wide variety of ribbons such as decorative ribbons, band ribbons, paspellint, twill ribbon and back pack ribbon.

Knitting wool and crochet yarn

Knitting wool and crochet yarn are available in our Nostex shops in Wilrijk, Mechelen and Opwijk.